been a while…

April 17, 2006

Site updated with new code and MAX patches. Since Plumstone and Processing are refusing to talk to each other on the midi side of things, I have resorted to using the 30 day MAX/MSP demo to get things started before i can scrape together the cash to buy a copy.


Pixelcubes – In the begining….

March 8, 2006

Welcome to the pixelcubes blog. This site is intended to document a project i'm working on as part of the Vidiotsquad moniker.

Pixelcubes is an ultra low resolution, Bi-colour, modular LED display system, made up of a number of custom fabricated LED matrices. Each "pixel" of the matrix is a 6.5cm square, covered with frosted perspex (or some other type of difusing screen) with two LED's inside. Each martix has 64 pixels, in an 8 by 8 formation. The system is designed to be used for live VJ like performances in clubs and music events, allowing animation sequences to be sycn'd to the beat of the music/midi clock, triggering the animations by midi note signals from a sequencer like Ableton Live or an alternative hardware sequencer.

The display is controlled using MAX/MSP, a graphical programing enviroment, in which I am writing software to listen to the midi notes to trigger the animations, and the Arduino I/O board to read the animation code sent by the MAX patch, and output to the LED matrices.

As and when new versions of the MAX/MSP and Arduino patches are finished, I will post them up for download, along with detailed notes on the functions of the code.